Tips for Buyers

Statement of Information 
It is mandatory for all agents to display a Statement of Information for each residential property advertised or within 48hours of the request of a buyer.
This is also for Auctions, so now buyers can check the quoted range through this statement rather than contacting the agent.
Subject to Finance
When signing a contract and your bank has requested you must insert a special condition pending finance, it is important to ask your bank how long will it take for you to receive unconditional approval. This date is written on the contract note which will be the bank approval date. 
Final Inspection
When you have purchased a home you are entitled to conduct a final inspection on the property you have purchased within 7 days prior to settlement. 
Settlement Day
This day is the day you nominate to settle ie: the date you take possession of the property you have purchased, either by way of vacant possession or to collect the rent if leased.